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Courtneys Independent are preferred providers of probate valuations for many well known solicitors in Greater Manchester.

Our sympathetic and professional approach has assisted many bereaved families with their property and estate valuations.

‘What is Probate and do you need it?’

Probate is a document issued by the Probate Registry confirming that an executor has the right to wind up the estate of the deceased. Depending on the size of the estate, you may not need a probate. If you do need probate, it can be obtained by filling in some forms, the most important being the ‘Executor’s Oath’. As a general rule, the larger the estate, the more complex and lengthy the process can become.

‘What is the estate?’

The estate is everything that the deceased person has left behind. These possessions need to be distributed to those who are entitled to receive them.

The person to do that is the executor and, to be able to do that, he/she needs to apply for probate. IF there is no Will or if the Will does not mention an executor, then an application for legal authority to administer the estate should be made to the Probate Registry.

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